As the world today are facing a global climate change, mal-nutrition and mal-nourishment of women and children, horticulture is believed to play pivotal role in supplying food for world and global economy. Availability of the products are not the only thing to address, but also accessibility, affordability, acceptability, equity, holistic and integrative approach, and sustainability are subjects to discuss. The situation is getting difficult since global climate change resulting in uncertainty in horticulture businesses. Other issue of free trade agreement has also requires particular strategy in managing global horticulture. Competitiveness might become critical issue for smallholders horticulture farms.

Information, issues, and technologies are scattered among the scientists, practitioners, and policy makers in each site. Collect and formulate those information is considered very important. Being a leading research and development institution producing horticulture innovation in supporting modern horticulture agribusiness, Indonesian Center for Horticulture Research and Development (ICHORD) plays an important role on addressing these problems. For the reason, ICHORD which is under Indonesian Agency for Agriculture Research and Development (IAARD), Ministry of Agriculture initiate International Symposia on Horticulture (ISH) that especially aims to obtain information and technology on horticultural agribusiness system oriented market, to organize discussion forums for problem solving in horticultural agribusiness system that is market oriented and to publish papers presented in special editions of journals as well as proceedings of symposiums Scopus-indexed.

International Symposia on Horticulture (ISH) is a scientific activity of IAARD, a part of ICHORD’s strategy, will be held every three years. ISH offers the opportunity among horticulture practitioners to learn new ideas among participants from different countries, to mix and to form new relationships among parties and to strengthen existing ones and to organize discussion forums for problem solving to deal with the challenges in horticultural agribusiness system.