Activities Description

The activities will be divided into four sessions as follow:

1 Plenary Seminar, ie panel discussions from three keynote speakers and six invited speakers. Speakers presented include educational sector (academics), and scientific (researchers) from Indonesia and International

2 Oral Presentation, ie presentations of the speakers within 15 minutes before the evaluators, panellists and audience. In this session, selected speakers will present orally. A total of 25 selected papers from each topic group will be presented and discussed within 20 minutes for each post. Questions can be asked if there is still time available.

3 Poster Sessions and Exhibitions, namely the delivery of research results in the form of posters. Papers that do not meet the oral presentation criteria will be given the opportunity to be exhibited in the form of poster. A poster of 70 x 100 cm (27.56 x 39.37 inches) should be prepared by participants, and must be submitted to the committee upon registration. All posters must be installed and organized according to the topic. There will also be an exhibition to accommodate the involvement of agricultural companies, lovers and observers of agriculture, and the government. The exhibition will be held around the poster installation area.

4 Agroedutourism, which is activity of visit to some locations in the form of agroedutourism activities.